Are personal trainers up to the task?

Written on January 1, 0001

Credit where credit’s due. Many trainers (not all) that I have met have a good grasp on both fitness and weight training.

However, few have any understanding of the body, human dietary needs and the true reason we all aim to improve our bodies.

Note: though a number of trainers that I know are competent in the gym, many unsuspecting gym instructors and lifeguards have now been pressured into this role by health clubs and gyms in an attempt to squeeze more money from their members. Thus, they are not experienced nor passionate about supporting their clients, and this process has unfortunately soiled the term “personal trainer” for those who entered for the right reasons.

What do personal trainers not understand?

The reason most people want to get in shape is aesthetic — we all want to look pretty ;) … Personal trainers often aim to facilitate this, not just for their clients but for themselves. Personal training clients are often encouraged by their trainers to consume high protein/low carbohydrate (deficient) diets and to take fitness supplements — both of which will likely damage their health.

But what is it to look good?

To put it simply: To look good, is to look healthy.

Our subconscious [whether though evolution, creation or something else] appears to be programmed to seek out good health, not only in potential mates, but in friends. This is likely to create healthy offspring and productive, networks (amongst other things).

Because many trainers (and the public) don’t realise this, their clients often sacrifice good health in a naive attempt to achieve beauty — not realising they were in the same direction, all along.

Note: increasing protein in an attempt to lose weight (especially through dairy products) is unwise, as it leads to weight gain and other health complaints (such as bad breath and bad skin).

What I can teach you?

I have studied methods of achieving optimum health which automatically bring about your most beautiful self. Good health will strip you of excess fat, provide the building blocks to gain muscle and, simultaneously, give you glowing skin, bright eyes, motivation and even make you smell better!

If this is the sort of unorthodox training you would like to try, give me a shout, and we can book your first session.