Have you had poor results when following the advice of fitness instructors or personal trainers?

You may have noticed a pattern/trend in their advice:

  • High protein
  • Low calorie/calorie counting
  • Low carb
  • Paleo/Ketogenic diets
  • HIT or other high impact training...

Unfortunately, the science doesn't back up these techniques --- they are oversimplified and these methods could do you harm.

The fact of the matter is, low calorie diets and calorie “burning” routines just don't work in the long term, which has been proven:

The Look AHEAD Trial: A Review and Discussion Of Its Outcomes
The LookAhead trial was a randomized controlled trial comparing an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) to a Diabetes Support and Education (DSE) in overweight and obese type 2 diabetes patients to track the development of cardiovascular disease over ...

What is the alternative?

The body is very good at regulating itself (blood pressure, core temperature, hormones...) body fat is no exception!

I believe in nourishing the body with the right foods (high fibre foods and herbs), which will immediately diminish food cravings and give you back the control you need to get your result.

Your training should be focused on attaining a functional, attractive physique and be tailored to complement your diet.

This technique is so reliable, you can expect results in just a few weeks and your body will continue to improve consistently moving forward.