Claudia Perlman Weight Loss Testimonial

“I have lost just over two stone so far” — Claudia Pearlman, Care Worker.

I had been overweight for years and as confident as I came across to people that I was fine with how I looked, inside I was a mess. So when I met Mike in November 2008, I was very happy and ready for him to step in.

Straight away on the initial consultation with Mike I knew he was going to change my life and health for the better. Not only does he know all about how to train, he knows thoroughly about nutrition and has such a positive and individual approach to each of his clients.

I have lost just over two stone so far and I wouldn’t have been able to do it on any other diet because with Mike knowing so much about nutrition and why we eat certain foods, he helps me understand so much more about food that changing my eating habits came very easily to me.

Every week that I see Mike, not only am I continuing to keep fit, my confidence is growing more and more due to Mike’s motivation, patience and confidence in me.

I have never been with a personal trainer before Mike, But I can’t imagine that there are many trainers that would do as much as he does, including round the clock support and advice.

Claudia Pearlman Care Worker