Dave Chadwick Weight Loss Testimonial

“I lost a stone in the first week” — Dave Chadwick

I came across Sculpt & Shape when I met Mike in the gym. I have been using the gym for many years, but only over the last 12 months has it become very important to me, as it helps me to focus and unwind after a day at work. I have had personal training before and had not been overly impressed.

However, after telling Mike what my goals were and the problems I was having in achieving them, I could instantly tell he had a unique knowledge of not only how to use the gym correctly and get the best out of it, but also a detailed knowledge of nutrition. I had left the forces and over a period of time put on a lot of weight. In 2008, I decided I had to start training again. I lost about 2 stone but hit a plateau and couldn’t lose any more, no matter how many times I went to the gym and how many salads I ate.

After listening to Mike explain a little about food type’s and where to find nutritional value. I realized that there were so many foods I was eating that were doing me more damage than good. He created a list of foods that I could eat that had nutritional value and advised me which foods to stay away from.

He also gave me suggestions of snacks I could eat that would not affect my diet. Some of them I had never tried before, but was pleasantly surprised after trying them. After just one week of training with Mike I found that all my cravings in an evening had dissapeared and I didn’t even think of food after eating my healthy evening meal. I lost a stone in the first week, and my BMI had reduced.

Mike is by far the best personal trainer I have worked with, and he is a genuinely decent guy, Which makes the sessions much more enjoyable. Although, don’t expect an easy time. Mike will give you the support and advice, but its down to you to stick to the advice he gives you and achieve your goal. Good luck!

Dave Chadwick