Dilip Vaghela Weight Loss Testimonial

“I am leaner then I was ever before and I have lost over 18kg” — Dilip Vaghela

Over the years I have tried many diets and training programmes, which all ended up in me putting on more weight than I initially started with. This led to me to becoming demotivated and feeling unhappy in the way I looked.

In March 2008 I thought enough was enough and I decided that I was going to lose weight. I was not only going to lose weight, but I was going to get in the best shape that I could possibly be in. I knew the best way to do this was by getting a personal trainer.

I watched and chatted to a few personal trainers, but none of them stood out until I met Mike Kirk. When talking to him, I realised that he has an in-depth knowledge of fat loss, and I was paying attention to the way he was training himself and in 4-5 weeks he could completely alter his own physique. This was the main reason why I chose him over other personal trainers.

During the personal training sessions Mike makes me feel more comfortable in training by giving me advice and tips. At the beginning of each session, Mike always tells me the plan and ask me about any changes in my body, how my diet is going and any injuries that may have happened. I believe this is a good way to process everything because I know where I stand after each session and know what to do next.

One of the benefits about training is having Mike beside me, the reason being he knows when to push me and how to motivate me to achieve my goals. And this is one of the reasons why training has become part of my life.

Before I had Mike, I used to hate training but with the help from Mike I am able to enjoy my training and be able to apply this in other areas of my life. Mike also provided me with useful information about my weight loss program, my posture and my diet. I now understand why my training or my diets in the past have led me to put on weight. Mike is always happy to explain everything until I fully understand, and he always answers any questions that I may have.

Mike has dramatically changed the way I train, my life, my fitness levels and the way I think. And this current moment in time I am leaner then I was ever before and I have lost over 18 KG of fat, my body fat has dropped from 21.6% to 8.6%, which is something that I am proud of and will continue to improve upon.

Overall I have increased my ability so much that, I am not afraid to challenge anyone at anything, this is all down to one person, Mike Kirk. I would recommend Mike as a personal trainer because he can change your body permanently!

Dilip Vaghela Student