Training Philosophy

Your body reflects your health and a healthy body is lean and adequately muscled.

The Calorie/Furnace Myth

You have likely heard that weight loss is simply the practice of using (or burning) more energy/calories than you consume. Not only is this a misleading over-simplification, it has been proven wrong.

The Look AHEAD Trial: A Review and Discussion Of Its Outcomes
The LookAhead trial was a randomized controlled trial comparing an Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI) to a Diabetes Support and Education (DSE) in overweight and obese type 2 diabetes patients to track the development of cardiovascular disease over ...

Your body is a complex machine that regulates more systems than you or I could count; including blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, electrolytes, hunger, core (and external) temperature... The body is also more than capable of regulating your weight (body fat).

So why do we get fat?

It's not how much you eat, it's what you eat!

Your body regulates your weight based on a number of factors, such as nutrient volume/diversity, environmental temperature, famine (or risk of famine), frequency of eating, etc...

Your body's regulation of fat-storage appears to be based on our food choices, as these reflect both our environment and circumstances.

For example, eating too much animal protein can signify potential famine as it indicates a lack of vegetation in the form of fruit, vegetables and leaves.

Eating a lot of starch? Prior to farming, starchy foods would not be a major part of the human diet as most of our starch comes from foods like bread, pasta (needs processing) and root vegetables (dig the roots and you can no longer rely on them as a source of food).

So What's the Plan?


Your training will support your weight loss and improve overall fitness, but most importantly, your training programme will be tailored to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing 'frame', as this will be revealed as your weight 'drops off'.


I will advise you on exactly what you should eat for predictable, long-term results and monitor your progress each session.

Eat with confidence! You should expect to lose between 7-14lbs per month until any excess weight is gone.

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